What type of images/illustration should I upload?

  • Created : May 23, 2019
  • Last Updated: May 23, 2019

If you browse the current collection by most downloaded this will give you a good indication of what people are downloading. Here at MAXIPIK we love creativity, you will find unique images here. Our file inspectors understand modern artistic illustration and we strive to represent a wide variety of vector styles.

Don’t Upload

  • Straight live traced photos & traces of images you do not own
  • Poorly traced objects
  • Un-converted fonts
  • Filled open paths
  • Files with objects outside the art board or files with your signature or Website references
  • Files with massive amounts of transparency or excessive bit-map illustrator effects - Path quality is essential
Do Upload
  • High quality traced silhouettes of images you own
  • Original icons, logos and symbols
  • Unique objects and design elements
  • High quality illustrated people, plants, buildings and everyday objects
  • Analogue, Grunge or urban style graphics, modern high tech designs
  • Corporate design elements
  • Fashion illustrations
  • Sports, Groups and Team silhouettes
  • Seamless pattern designs and wallpapers